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Below, please find a general idea of our packages.  Please note, because no two weddings are the same, we customize all these packages to suit your needs. Whether you need our assistance with choosing themes, decorators, caterers, henna artists or letting you do all that, and just doing the leg work for you, you can count on us. All the packages below come with unlimited access to us as your wedding planners.

​3 Carats



This package is for brides and grooms who may or may not have a theme in mind.  Rest assured, we will walk with you to create a realistic budget and smooth plan.  We will:


  • Get yours and our thoughts together to come up with an ideal theme for you 

  • ​Provide you with a list of vendors to choose from who are aligned with your theme

  • Make sure there is constant and clear communication between all parties ​

  • Customize a budget to help you through the process

  • The above plus the below 2 packages

2 Carats

​For the brides who have done their research and already have a list of vendors in mind.  We will:


  • Assist you in your final selection of vendors and  get you the best prices through negotiation and discounts

  • Work with you and your vendors to go over and confirm all the requirements, maintain constant communication and follow up.

  • Assist you to bring your vision into reality

  • The above plus the below package

1 Carat

For those brides who have done all the work but need to relax on the day of the event.  We will:


  • Create a timeline and itinerary 

  • Contact all vendors on your behalf 2-3 weeks before the wedding

  • Coordinate and Manage all the logistics for day of the wedding

  • Visit the venue before time to become familiarized with the site

  •  Be in constant communication with (caterers, limousine, makeup artist, DJ's, Florist, etc) to ensure all goes without a hitch

  • Make sure from linens to speeches to pictures - everything is picture perfect

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